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April 24 HR News

457 Visa Changes Has To Be The Big Item

For employers who sponsor workers and have used 457 visa resources the changes this past week have had an impact and have been summarised well in this article from HC online–what-you-need-to-know-235366.aspx

The top points to note whether you employ under 457 or not are these
1. This change was announced and had immediate effect. This is unusual in the field of IR and HR and may be a sign that the Turnbull government is stepping things up in this space

2. Those who employ using 457 need to be up to date and may need to change future recruitment strategies

3. Some of the categories cut are known to have future skill shortage issues and there may be an increased emphasis on employers training their own staff

This article from My Business goes into a bit more analysis of the impacts and points to note

Recruitment Options And Criteria

An interesting article encouraging employers to consider hiring veterans/ex service personnel caught our eye this week.
My Business has a focus on business owners and the themes drawn out include:

1. Keep an open mind on where applicants have gained their experience

2. Consider where vacancies are advertised – traditional venues may not serve as well as they have in the past

3. Doing the right thing for a group of the community with higher than average unemployment may also be the right thing for your business

As always it is vital to be clear about your requirements and then search to fill those.

The magic of Trust

The final comment this week belongs to Dr John DeMartini who writes in this article that trust is the secret to an effective team and puts forward his views on why this is so.

Some of the ways described to build trust may seem obvious, however it is clear that not every workplace has these in place.

1. Trust is often considered an intangible, yet it creates a set of very tangible and observable behaviours

2. Building trust takes effort and has a high payoff

3. Trust and respect underpin many other workplace attributes

A short wrap up for a short week