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HR Wrap Up May 8

Fair Work Supports Dismissal For Email Misconduct

This article from HC Online relating to a University

This is included as there are some important points to be made, including that Fair Work makes balanced decisions and is not biased towards either employees or employers.

Several key items from the article
– review the factors the employee claimed Unfair Dismissal on
– notice the process followed by the University
– remember that unfair dismissal claims can be successfully defended when proper process has been adhered to
– having clear policy and guidelines are a great support and evidence base

Investing In Employee Training Is Really Important

L&D magazine writes about the dangers of overlooking training needs.

It also makes mention of the 2017 Workplace Learning Report.

Many readers will have heard me speak at events about the importance of investing in employee training as it benefits the individual and the company.

This article also mentions that many skills have a limited shelf life – makes sense in an environment of great technological change and advancement.

Key take out points
– skill development continues to be a significant issue
– choose investment wisely as skills become outdated more quickly now than ever before
– link training to business needs
– investing in training can demonstrate commitment by an employer and is thus a retention strategy

Onboarding And Induction Cannot Be Overlooked

This week’s gem from Aberdeen Essentials focuses on the onboarding process.

Many companies invest significant time and money in recruitment yet without robust onboarding process, that investment may partly go to waste.

A couple of good points are made:
– time varies by company however getting someone “up to speed” can take more than a week or two
– there is no single perfect process, be prepared to develop your own
– building familiarity is essential