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Joel Kelso Racing on track

Are you clear on how your culture shows up in your behaviour?

This week Broadspring Consulting was mentioned on Fox Sport coverage. You may be wondering “Why would a leadership and change consulting practice be mentioned on a sporting show?”

It was a good mention too!

Working with leaders on high performance and getting the best out of themselves – and those around them – is  like elite sport.  I am a long time fan of motorcycle racing and I have supported and coached a number of high level competitors. In 2021 that support has gone towards Joel Kelso who is racing in the Moto3 championship for 3 rounds to replace an injured rider.

An ideal client

Joel fits our ideal client profile because he is:


  • talented
  • dedicated
  • always seeking to be at his best
  • willing to do the work

And he has a good solid team of good people around him. I get it, motorcycle racing may not be your “thing”. What I’m asking you to think about though is this: What message does your behaviour (and that of people in your team) send?.

What your behaviour is saying

It’s one thing to say that your culture is “all about our people” yet what do you DO that supports that comment and brings it to life?

What do people say about your team and the “way things are done around here”?

Are you consistent across all of the ways that you communicate with them – including your policies and procedures? Because if they are not consistent you can create real problems.

How well does your team support and respond to change ?

It needed to be a quick decision to support @JoelKelsoRacing – the opportunity came up quickly and it needed a fast response. Easy to do because I’m clear on the values and principles that Broadspring stands for.

Defining your culture

Your company culture  can be described (simply) as the behaviours that are accepted (or not discouraged) our symbols and how we interpret them (noting that the same symbol can have different meaning in a different context) and the systems that support what we do. The combination of those three areas sends a message to your people.  And it’s a clear message.  Is it the message you want them to get?

There is an old quote that “Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you’re saying” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

What do your actions say when compared to your words?  Your team observe what you are doing and are likely to take more notice of what you do than what you say. It’s human nature.

Your people look to you for guidance, for consistency and support. One of the easiest ways leaders support their people is to do what we say we are going to do.

Where to now?

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