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Weekly HR Wrap June 26 2017

Fair Work case decision based on clear unambigious policy

We shall start this week with a decision from Fair Work that reinforces the importance of clear policy and checklists.

Reported by the Victorian Chamber in this article

The key points to note are:

1. Despite no training being provided, the clear policy and checklist served their purpose

2. Consideration was given to the impact of the performance issue that prompted termination.

3. Suggesting a technology solution will not always be accepted.

This case is a start to the week that reminds all of us to be mindful of why we do what we do, having clear guidelines that help employees to succeed and about taking action on evidence and impacts.

Change management skills ought to be on your hiring list

Womens Agenda excitedly reported the appointment of the first female CEO of Scouts Australia here

Sure this is reportable and well done to Cathy Morcom.

Why this rates as HR news is this

You ought to be recruiting and promoting people who have strong change management skills.

Technical skills have (in my opinion) been well over rated in the promotion and progression decision process.

The skill and ability to manage and lead change is the skill of the future for leaders. It has been said for many years that change is the only constant, so you need people in your business who can plan, lead and manage change.

Evidence Is More Than a Written Warning

In yet another article from the Victorian Chamber a dismissal was upheld despite there being no formal development plan documented.

The article goes into detail here

Please do not take this as replacing your need to have evidence. In fact the opposite is true. This decision relied on
1. Evidence that support and training had been provided over a lengthy period of time

2. Notes of meetings indicating that the employee did not recognise that there was a problem despite ongoing training and commentary

3. A conclusion being drawn that a performance improvement plan would not have any effect unless the employee recognised a problem and committed to change.

Having personal experience of a similar case it is pleasing to read the Fair Work decision upholding good process and reasonable action.