It’s Not Facebook, It’s Work

What works on Facebook won’t work at work Facebook seems to have taken over our lives The way that we connect and communicate on Facebook seems to be the new norm. Rhink about moods, emojis, photos, broad sharing and the list goes on. At the mid point of 2016 Facebook had 1.7 billion monthly active […]

Angela Leadsom Resigned For The Wrong Reason

Firstly, who is Angela Leadsom? She was one of two women vying to be the next Prime Minister of England post the political fallout of the Brexit vote. Angela resigned her candidacy this week after comments made by her received community and public backlash. While being interviewed by The Times in London Ms Leadsom made […]

Two Key Facts About Interns And Volunteers In Your business

There’s No Such Thing As Free Staff It’s often been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well that applies to staff too. Yes you can have interns and/or volunteers in your business as long as you follow two simple rules. There has been some publicity recently about employers being fined […]

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Managing People

In truth, there are more leadership sins, but these are the 7 deadliest Sin #1 The Deadliest sin: To Not Give Employees Enough Clarity. This is not just about providing your staff or contractors or sub contractors with a description of the tasks of their job (a Job Description or Position Description) Avoiding sin #1 […]

The Dangers Of A Silent No

Leaders Speak By Words And Actions There is always a message. Leaders cannot be like the three “wise” monkeys merely sitting and saying nothing and doing nothing, pretending it doesn’t exist. All leaders are looked to by staff in their team and in other teams for guidance. Guidance in the form of the words we […]