HR News Wrap – Week September 4 2017 – It’s All About The Rules

This week the HR news and a number of business publications have been discussing the worker dismissed while running an eBay store selling items of an erotic nature.  This article from SmartCompany sums both the case and some recommendations up quite nicely. From a HR rules view: any decision to dismiss must be made on […]

Wrap Of HR News August 28 2017

Views on News in HR for Business Health and safety is top this week One very interesting article asking if hot desking is bad for employee health. The phrase was coined when employers introduced a shared desk concept to minimise unused office space. This week the ATO is in the news as they try to […]

Weekly HR News Wrap August 14 2017

If you don’t deal with harassment others will The big news to Broadspring this week was the termination of a business deal between Launch Vic and a company called 500 Start Ups essentially over sexual harassment. Reported by Smart Company rather than direct HR news sources, this decision to end a business relationship over company […]

Insights To HR News August 7 2017

Employee Exits are in the news – again or is it still? From a HR and leadership perspective the news and cases are all about what to do – or not do – when an employee exits the organisation. There is equal mileage to be gained from addressing tips for employees when they leave an […]

Broadspring Review of HR News 31 July 2017

Is Talent Doing The Right Thing or Being Seen Doing The Right Thing Many organisations run talent assessment and talent management programs with the view of promoting from within. One question that Broadspring have always asked is “How do you define talent?” Most organisations use input from performance reviews to identify talent. This seems a […]