Weekly HR Wrap July 24 2017

Two wrongs don’t make a right termination decision This week has seen a number of cases in the HR, management and general news that reinforce this old saying. A disgruntled employee who was treated badly who rejected a settlement offer (perhaps on principle and not on spite as has been alleged elsewhere) has had full […]

Weekly HR Wrap July 17 2017

New Financial Year and Workforce Productivity The main news this week is about the response of the boss of the American woman who requested two days “mental health” leave.  Some areas are congratulating her (and rightly so) for speaking out about her ongoing (mental) health issue in a way that will reduce stigma and judgement. […]

Weekly HR Wrap – New Format

Hello readers! You’ll notice a new format this week – after a week off line – while I’ve been trying to solve a glitch.  I believe it was related to the format style that I’ve been using so this week it’s back to single column – but hyperlinks work! When Too Much Is Too Much […]

When An Employer Ought To Agree To Disagree

Recently several conversations and articles have brought to light just how many agreements are being made to resolve difficult situations. This post is not about continuing conflict or suggesting that reaching agreement is a bad thing. What it IS about is the quality of those agreements and more importantly what the implications of some agreements […]

Weekly HR Wrap June 26 2017

Fair Work case decision based on clear unambigious policy We shall start this week with a decision from Fair Work that reinforces the importance of clear policy and checklists. Reported by the Victorian Chamber in this article http://bit.ly/2sYitEz The key points to note are: 1. Despite no training being provided, the clear policy and checklist […]