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Who Benefits From Attending

Teams at all levels, and leadership teams in particular.

Why Training Your Teams Will Help You

Many people invest significant time and money in strategic planning exercises and then wonder if everyone on the team is really aligned with what is required. Ak yourself these 4 questions. If you answer YES to any of them, your organisation and your teams will benefit from taking part in a training session designed and delivered by Broadspring Consulting:

  • Have you ever experienced frustration or curiosity at how off-track your people seem to be fairly soon after your strategic plan has been developed?
  • Do you find progress review sessions difficult and time consuming because it feels like you are repeating yourself endlessly?
  • Do your team members do what you expect them to do to deliver the strategy, or are you observing some “strange” behaviours?
  • Is feedback from your staff and customers consistent with your expectations?

Implementation of strategic plans is often more complex than we expect. And if you are busy managing and leading! Can you really afford to be continually checking in on what your team is doing?

Improving Team Effectiveness Is Our Passion

Effective teams deliver better business results and create a more focused and positive workplace culture.
So, ensuring that each individual’s job and daily activity is in sync with your business and strategic plan is critical to business success.

Many of our clients have found our pragmatic analysis of their teams and work to be insightful and effective. Using proven tools combined with interactive workshops and drawing on deep management experience our reports and feedback to clients are consistently described as being on the money.

Our expertise in the field of human resource management also allows us to conduct an insightful review of your processes and ways of working. We identify any adjustment that can better and more readily align the performance of individuals with their team’s purpose and with business goals.

Popular Team Effectiveness Workshops

Broadspring runs a variety of interactive workshops that our customers find very powerful:

  • Build team skills and self awareness
  • Assess and achieve alignment of behaviours to goals and business outcomes
  • Develop the core skills needed in high performing and effective teams
  • Give your leadership and management team the skills to lead their people to deliver business results

Note: These workshops can also be supported by ongoing coaching and feedback sessions where we make sure that the lessons learned are applied.

Discover how much our workshops can help your teams and your business. Let’s discuss your needs and the best options.