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Leaders in high performance Change Management Training
and education for successful businesses.


Enhance the potency of your leaders with Broadspring Consulting’s leadership coaching.


Assembled a great team? Realise their
full potential with our leadership
training programs.


Planning for change? Our change management consultancy services offer flexible support when you need it most.


Change Management Training that inspires individuals to work better together

Actively supporting leadership development, Broadspring Consulting’s coaching program is designed to enhance the potency of your leadership.

Identifying the key factors to positive performance and how to harness them, we’ll help you realise the full potential of your teams’ capabilities to reach the next level of leadership success.

Giving you access to our successful goal-setting frameworks, we’re here to support you in delivering the results that will drive your business onwards and upwards.

Specially crafted to affect change, Broadspring Consulting offers 3, 6 and 12 month packages with the optional inclusion of personality profiling. Speak to us today about how we can help you lead your team to better results.
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Assembled a great team? Realise their full potential with
Broadspring Consulting’s Leadership and Change Management Training programs
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Lead your team to better results with our leadership development and presentation programs.

Our Change Management Training courses promise practical leadership training for management teams grappling with effecting positive change in the workplace.

With our ‘Leading Tips for Leaders,’ ‘Creating an Effective Team’ and ‘Team Management Essentials’ courses, we support businesses in cultivating the essential skills of effective leadership. Covering the art of communication, performance management, team engagement and the role of the manager, we provide you with tools and techniques on the day you can action in your business tomorrow.

Enhancing clarity and confidence, ‘The Skilled Presenter’ workshop offers tips and tricks for delivering effective presentations. Arm your team with the power of a skilled presenter and you can transform your relationships with your customers, suppliers and even board members!

Talk to us about finding the right Change Management Training for your business needs.


Planning for change? Our change management consultancy
services offer flexible support when you need it most

Are you planning on implementing a large project or diversifying, or are you thinking of scaling up or restructuring?

Working to achieve positive resolutions, Broadspring Consulting’s founder Pam Macdonald offers support and advice to assist your leadership team in the key aspects of change management. With her vast executive experience and her 13 years heading up Broadspring Consulting, Pam combines her business knowledge with her passion for people to craft great leaders.

With Pam’s expertise, you can plot the best path to your end goal and see how you can get your team working better together to positively impact your desired outcome.

Contact us today to discuss how Pam Macdonald can help you plan for change.

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