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Effectively Growing Your Business Through People

Note: This training is also supported by a 6 month series of fortnightly coaching sessions to help you get set up and build momentum.

Addressing A Common Cause Of Anxiety

Business growth occurs in many ways although most often by bringing new people into the business. There are many different ways that extra staff (or hands) can be brought in. And many laws and regulations govern how this is done.

It is common to hear small business owners talk about their concern at how complex industrial laws are in Australia and how challenging it is in terms of time, effort and outcome to get the right people on board.

This Program Is Designed For

Business owners and managers who want to grow their business and need extra staff for that, AND are concerned at how to do it in the right way and at the right time.

What You Will Learn

  1. To identify the key policy templates your business needs to comply with the Fair Work Act
  2. How to set up systems and standards that ensure new staff follow the patterns created within the business
  3. A proven framework to support key decisions including recruitment, onboarding and performance management

Leading Your Team to Outstanding Performance

Achieving Consistently Great Results – It Is Possible!

Businesses structure themselves in teams as it is the best way to achieve consistent and effective results – when the team performs well.
In order to achieve outstanding business performance, teams and the people within them need to have clarity, cohesion and confidence. Without these factors the team may perform well, but not to an outstanding level.
People are the key to delivering customer satisfaction which in turn is a crucial factor in lifting bottom line performance.

This Program Is Designed For

Leaders like you who want to get the best from their team, and want to remove the blockers to excellent performance.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to identify and groom the key factors to outstanding team performance.
  2. The core factors to aligning and managing an outstanding team
  3. The 3 essential principles of a leadership that focuses on performance and delivery
  4. A proven framework to assess current status and to map the way ahead to outstanding performance

The 4 Pillars To Fast-tracking Your Career

Achieving Consistently Great Results – It Is Possible!

Have you worked and studied hard to get where you are, yet feel stuck? Are you one of the people who achieve success and recognition at times, yet feels frustrated that it is not more consistent? The ability to create, manage and maintain a successful career is something that can be learned and put into effect immediately.

This Program Is Designed For

Anyone who has been working hard and feels some level of frustration or disappointment at not getting the expected results. Regardless of what level at which you operate in a company – entry level, to supervisor, and manager executive or Board member – this workshop uncovers what has been holding you back.

What You Will Learn

Based on personal and client experiences over the past 25 years, this presentation explains the four pillars to career success and demonstrates how they can be used to fast track your career.

  1. Explore the four pillars of success
  2. Invaluable and often underused tools and techniques that will apply the success pillars to any career
  3. Assess your personal strength against each of the pillars to define what to do next

Bridging The HR Gap

Unmanaged HR Issues Are A Serious Risk

Many people believe that the world of human resources (or HR) is closed to all bar legal and HR experts. To many business owners and managers, HR in Australia seems to be a complex and forbidden arena that only the brave (or foolish) choose to tackle. And the result is that too many issues go unmanaged until they have escalated to the point where damage is inevitable.

This Program Is Designed For

Businesses and leaders who know what they want from people, and HR yet have not been able to achieve their vision.

What You Will Learn

This presentation uses a clear system to explain the principles and purpose of good HR management as well as demystifying this important area of business. If you fail to manage your human resources effectively, you are costing your business in a very real fashion – and potentially running unnecessary risks.

  1. Discover the significance of Fair Work
  2. Gain valuable peace of mind from insights that debunk the myths and clarify what can be done
  3. A proven system that provides assurance and information on the state of HR in your business

Unleash The Potential Of Your Team

Note: Able to be run as a short stand-alone session or combined for maximum impact with a performance profiling questionnaire.

It Is Not Enough To Recruit Top Skills

Regardless of whether your team is performing well or not, as a manager, you want to realise the full skill capability and results of the team you have assembled.

This Program Is Designed For

Managers who strive for a step change upwards in the performance of their team, whatever their current performance level.

What You Will Learn

The power of this session is based on 3 steps:

  1. Identify critical areas of performance goals and feedback
  2. Gain valuable peace of mind from insights that debunk the myths and clarify what can be done
  3. prepare for practical application and delivering an improved level of results

Creating the Team Culture You Crave

Culture Does Not Just Happen

Many managers feel uncertain about their ability to create the culture that they desire because culture is seen to be difficult to define. This short session will dispel the myth that culture just happens and will reinforce the faith and skill that a team culture can and should be defined and created.

This Program Is Designed For

Managers who feel their workplace culture needs to change and find it hard to define culture and an effective change process.

What You Will Learn

Capturing a range of concepts in an easy to understand and time sensitive manner, this workshop will:

  1. Provide a clear definition of culture
  2. Deliver insights to how culture can be defined
  3. Divulge lessons learned from other companies to support you in achieving your goals