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When you ask for advice is that what you really want

When you ask for advice, is that what you really want?


While listening to a podcast this morning one of the presenters commented that he felt frustrated when supporters of (sport) competitors would ask him for advice and then not follow it.

Another presenter responded saying:

“Did they want your advice, or were they looking for support of their own view?”

It fairly obviously triggered a thought for me: are people in business really, genuinely looking for advice all the time?

And the answer clearly is No.

Nor should you always be seeking advice from other people – you are a leader or business owner and there will be times when you need different things:

  • advice
  • information
  • collaboration
  • discussion
  • evaluation
  • to be heard









(This quote thanks to AZ quotes has been attributed to a number of people and is also at times said to be from an unknown source – whatever the case is, it makes the point)

Are you asking for advice when you want something different?

When you want advice are you asking for it?

And are you asking for it in the right way:

  1. When asking for advice, be sure to ask the person/people who know what they are talking about
  2. When you ask for advice, do you and key stakeholders respect the person who is advising you?
  3. Are you being specific enough without going too narrow in your request to help the advisor to provide you with the advice and guidance you need

As a coach my mantra is that the better the question I can ask, the more helpful the response will be.

As a leader are you asking the right questions?

Are you asking the right people?


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